Membership Details

Subscriptions for 2019/2020 are as follows:
1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020£
Single Adult (Over 21)45.00
Family (2 Adults & Children Under 18)95.00
Junior/Student (11-21 or in full time education)15.00
Under 1110.00
Guests (occasional use - must be accompanied by a member)10.00

The club now uses the LTAs Clubspark system for the clubs administration. If you wish to join the club please join online using Clubspark.

At the Clubspark join page you can create a Clubspark account to join or complete your renewal. You can also use your LTA, Facebook, Google or Microsoft accounts to sign into Clubspark. We recommend you use your existing LTA British Tennis Membership account or become an LTA British Tennis Member for free if you aren’t already one.

You can pay for your membership by bank transfer to the clubs account or cheque. Details on how to use each method are listed at the Clubspark joining page when you choose a payment method.

If you need any further information regarding membership please contact the Club Secretary Lynne Artus on 01367 820109 or alternatively email us.

As an LTA affiliated club, members are elegible for free British Tennis Membership. Benifits of British Tennis Membership include, entry into the clubs ballot for Wimbledon tickets, discounts and pre-sales on tickets for events, and a monthly e-newsletter. We would like to strongly encourage all members (adults and juniors) to join as the number of British Tennis Members we have will determine the number of Wimbledon tickets that we are allocated. Once you are a member of the club you can become a British Tennis Member online at or by telephone on 0845 8737202.