1. Name

The name shall be Uffington Lawn Tennis Club.

2. Constitution

The Club is constituted by these Rules as a Non profit-making Member’s Club. In no circumstances during the continuance of the Club, nor at nor after its dissolution, shall any assets or surplus funds be distributed to any member or other person nor to any organisation, which is not, itself either constituted as non-profit making or a charity.

3. Object

The objective of the club is:-

(a) To promote the playing of lawn tennis by players of all ages and standards, and

(b) To encourage tennis by providing facilities, coaching and promoting competitions and tournaments.

4. Membership

Club membership is open to all.

5. Annual subscriptions

The annual subscription will be decided at the Annual General Meeting and must be approved by the majority of members present at the Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions shall fall due on 1st April and shall be paid by 1st May each year. Any member whose subscription has not been paid by 1st May will cease to be a member, but may re-apply for membership.

6. Finance

The expenditure of the club shall be in the hands of the committee. The treasurer shall have the accounts prepared and presented to all members at the Annual General Meeting. For this purpose, the financial year shall commence on 1st October and end 30th September.

7. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting should take place during October and not less than fourteen days notice shall be given to all members by email and/or advertisement at Uffington Stores.

8. Special General Meetings

A Special General Meeting shall be called:-

(a) At the discretion of the committee

(b) Upon receipt by the Secretary of a request in writing, signed by not less than ten members stating fully the reasons for a such meeting.

In either (a) or (b) all members shall be given not less than fourteen days notice of such a Special General Meeting by email and/or advertisement at Uffington Stores.

9. Procedure at Meetings

Voting: At all meetings the method of voting shall be at the discretion of the chairman, except at the Annual General Meeting, when the election of officers and committee shall be by ballot of the members present.

Voting rights at Annual General or Special General Meetings are restricted to adult members.

Quorum: The quorum for the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting must include at least 2 officers of the club and 3 adult members.

10. Amendments to the Constitution

No amendments or alterations shall be made to the constitution unless with the consent of a majority of two thirds of the members present (calculated to the next lowest whole number) at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.

Requests to make amendments or alterations to the constitution must be made in writing to the committee before any such proposal is submitted at the Annual or Special General meeting.

11. Rules

Members shall also be subject to the rules of the club, which shall be determined by the committee. The rules are as follows:

11.1 There is no formal system of court booking. Courts are available on a first come first served basis except at times when club evenings, inter-club matches, junior coaching, and other coaching (by the club coach) have been scheduled.

11.2 Non-marking tennis shoes must be worn.

11.3 Shoe tags must be worn by members.

11.4 Non-members must be accompanied by a member at all times. The only exception to this is between 1600h and 1830h on Wednesdays when non-members can use the courts at a cost of £5.30 per court per hour.

11.5 When leaving the courts, the last player leaving is responsible for making sure the courts are locked.

12. Officers

The running of the club shall be organised by the club committee which shall consist of the following officers to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting:-

Chairman - Ross Heyburn
Treasurer - Keith Jarvis
Secretary - Lynne Artus
Match Secretary - Annabel Campbell

13. Injury / loss of property

Members or Visitors leaving unattended vehicles, rackets, clothing or other property at the club do so at their own risk and the Club shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury resulting from this or any other cause.

14. Insurance

The club shall ensure that it has appropriate insurance cover against its legal liabilities e.g. Public Liability. Officers and Trustees shall be adequately indemnified by these insurance arrangements.

15. Child Protection

The Club takes all aspects of child protection very seriously. Uffington Lawn Tennis Club aims to create an enjoyable environment for all juniors who wish to take part in tennis at the club. The club emphasises that young people have the right to be safe, secure and free from threat. The club acknowledges that young people have the right to be treated with respect and for their concerns to be listened to and acted upon. Any concerns regarding the well being of any children should immediately be reported to any member of the clubs committee.

16. Dissolution

The Club shall be dissolved on the passing of a resolution to that effect at a general meeting after due notice, by at least two thirds of those present and voting. Such a meeting shall appoint a committee to wind up the affairs of the Club and shall give general directions as to the disposal of any assets within the scope of Rule 2.